Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brain Blah

Can we say brain blah? seriously.

I dont get writers block. I have plenty of things to go on and on about. I just dont feel like writing any of them down.

Sorry bloggers, I think I might need a break.

"but kortnii, you dont even post that often"

more often than nothing at all isnt it?

I just need more progress on my real writing. no offense bloggers, I do love telling you all the random things that go on in my head. but Ive really had some amazing ideas these days that need a little more attention than usual.

hey, I mean, what if its my big break? youll get to point at the TV saying "oh yeah, I follow her blog! we are e-close its tear worthy"

It wont be a long break. it might not be a break at all. Prolly just wont blog til Thursday. so I can FINALLY hold my first Creeptastic Thursday event of a blogtime. yeah, you dont even have to say its about time, cuase I know it is.

Oh and report on Boo Radley house: I tried to get a photo of it, and then the owner like...peeked through the window. yeah. I ran. almost screaming. mostly laughing. Ill go back later.



Amorous Rocker said...

Well that's cool. I'm new to your blog so I can just creep through your archives and see what all I missed. =p

Kortnii said...

haha! yeah Ive posted like. 25 or so posts. there are a few youve missed. and I dont think Ill even be gone that long, just needed an update. :]

James_Riley said...
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James_Riley said...

It's frightening how beautiful you are. Your're the only person I've talked to who can take my breath away with just a picture.. and sadly I hardly know you.

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