Sunday, April 19, 2009

where is she?

Wedding shower [ugh]
let down
scream fest
new jacket

did I mention purple?
yeah. its been hectic.
Ill put a big long post for you to read when I get back home tonight. promise.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the pefect flaw

I know, I know. what could faux vamp teeth have to do with this post? well, for starters, I have an obsession for vampires [way before the time of twilight thank you!] so even if I put vampire related objects in my post, it doesnt mean its always going to pertain to the actual writing. end of story. these fake teeth might be fun but, they are also of my interest these days...sort of.

you people dont know, I have a flaw. shocking, I know. its not one I voice to people very often [or ever].

I dont know if my friends notice or pass it off as something else, but I dont smile unless forced to. No Im not some sad act human classed emo for the sake of attention. Im actually a very happy-go-lucky person in the realm of friends and family. Im loud, obnoxious, and told Im a bit of a psycho...but its all fair fun. The reason I dont smile is: I have crooked teeth.

As I sat in front of one of my closest friends [we will call her M] I asked, "M, be honest. Can you tell how crooked my teeth are when I talk?"
she looked up at me from her lunch, dumbfounded. As her tiny eyebrows pulled together, she let out a quick breath of a laugh and replied "I didnt even know you had crooked teeth Kort."

well that was a shocker.

All my life growing up I literally trained myself how to talk without moving my lips much, in order to keep the pesky flaw in order. Ive always hated my pearly whites, so much so that I would cry over the idea of being stuck with them this way forever. My family did not have the funding for braces. it was a nightmare.

No one could love someone with crooked teeth, I thought, its not possible.

Well growing up, I found out that though the rumour is, that is definitely untrue.
Ive had a boyfriend[s], he didnt hardly notice until I nagged about it one night and made him practically stick his face up my mouth and get a real good look. [quick advice: If your boyfriend doesnt notice your flaws. dont point them out ok? it doesnt do any good. end of story.]

But I still cant be comfortable with my own smile.

So I decided: Im getting Veneers [aka lumineers].
For those of you lamers who dont know what these "Veneers" things are, they are permanent false teeth. Popular with celebs these days, within a few minor surgeries [and a lot of major cash dropping] you can have the perfect smile youve always dreamed of.

thank. god. [if there is one]

"kortnii, everyone has flaws. its really no big deal. Dont waste the money on making yourself what society classes as beautiful."

I wouldnt be lusting so intensly over the idea if I wasnt in pain. my jaw, gums, and teeth themselves literally ache 24/7. this forces me to suffer mood swings, headaches, lack of sleep, the works.

My imperfect self doesnt normally bother me, but this one is a pain in the ass...or mouth in this case

I suppose when you think about it, Veneers are the perfect flaw. One of my biggest problem areas is going to be covered up with the illusion of being birthed perfect, shiny, and white.

Me, Kortnii, with perfect set of chompers. Ill never get used to the thought.

Will I even like them? Oh god yes, of course!...but will the rest of the world? does it matter? what if they are too perfect, too surreal to be realistic? will I scare away from the whole ordeal?

no. of course not. end of story.

Anyway, for my next post Im asking a question. It something Ive always thought about, now I know my answer.

Is it possible for you to fall in love with more than one person at a time?


Monday, April 13, 2009

eyebrows and fingers

So I was uploading a snazzy picture I took on the webcam onto gayspace today. and after it loaded and I ogled at myself once more [we all do it] before leaving I saw something...strange...

I have wooly eyebrows.

caterpillars crawling upon my face.
So what did I do? pluck them?
No. Im far too lazy to do that.

I left them be.
Im kinda growing a liking for them.

whos a cute wittle wooly eyebwow? who? you are! you are!


go ahead, face palm.
I dont mind.
Cause I did.

after talking to myself in the mirror....

Anyway, I was fiddling around with an acoustic guitar and I figured out why it is I never will be a guitarist.
[crys a little]
I have girl hands.
cause playing the guitar with girl hands is hard. cause girls have little fingers. unless a girl has man hands, in which case they are not girl hands, so its not hard. like with my hands, cause they are small and girly. cause Im a girl. and I have girl hands.

OH and my arms are too short for my body height my Dr. said. whatever.


Ps. photo not found on photobucket today. might edit one in later. who knows. im unpredictable. like the weather. only I wont ruin your day. like the weather does. every. freaking. day. end of story.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Smelly Eggs & Bob

My first Easter blog ever. Happy Easter
sort of.

"Easter did not always symbolize Christ's resurrection from the dead and the meaning of Easter was quite different than what Christians celebrate today. The feast day of Easter was originally a pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth. [yadda yadda yadda] The meaning of Easter [these days] is Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him."

do you see the mention of rabbits in there? no?
how about stinky rainbow eggs lying about the house?
chocolate eggs?
chocolate rabbits? anything?
no. you dont.

this is why Easter gets to me:
I dont understand the theory.

Jesus died, came back to life, the idea of zombies was born. whatever.

Why does this make it ok for a so called Easter bunny to lay colorful eggs around our house? only to leave us looking for rotten smelly eggs a few weeks later.
and then after we spend all day finding the damn things, why do we think its ok to eat them?

How is this related to zombie Jesus?

Anyway, if the easter rabbit comes to my house, hes eating lead.
or at least signing a contract to leave me plastic eggs only.
or money, whatever.
if the stupid rabbit wants real eggs, he can find them himself. pre-stink.
I dont feel like getting fat off chocolate either, so he can shove that somewhere nice. thanks.

stupid rabbit. stupider holiday.


PS. dont tell me to watch south park. I want the truth! not more stupidity. ugh.

/ ▌
/ \<-- This is bob help him take over youtube! my response when seeing this on a youtube video I like to lol at from time to time? : dont conform. and if youre going to anyway, dont conform to this retardism. thanks.

[pic:] [[edited by: moi]]

Friday, April 10, 2009

dear myspace, WTFLIP?!

so apparently bacon is for lovers and crossdressers need an adventure in love...allow me explain:

there I was checking my myspace [or gayspace if you will] putting out a harmless bulletin to let my peeps know what was on the upness in my life. and what happens to be lurking at the left side of my screen while about to hit post? a simple white background advert with big blue bold letters telling me: "Bacon is For Lovers" and nothing more. no pictures, no weird image of Obama doing the jig, no blinky lights that give seizures. nothing.
is myspace getting mixed signals from my posts? did I make them angry? is this a just a sick joke? I dont know. and did I dare click this and link to the unknown interwebs site? Hell no!
but I did, however hit send on my bulletin and as I scanned through it [checking for mistakes that were not there. flawless!] and yet another bewildering advert of the same font and form hits the right side of my page: "Single Crossdressers looking for Love! come and find your New Adventure!"

is it ok that i lol-ed? cause I did.

and "if a girl wears guy clothes is she [he?] a crossdresser?"
"no, shes a tom-boy"
thanks Luka...

Oh and go to
its the bomb diggity
[more like the bomb wtf-ity]


ps. I know youre imagining crossdressers mouthing bacon together right now. and for that I am sorry.

pss. I am in no way against crossdressers and/or bacon. so hate mail is not needed, but will make me and everyone else lol, so go ahead and send some.

psss. *photos found on photobucket* as always...

Im seeing things...not ok

So I noticed that I have 140 views on my blogtastic blog here.
yeah cool, go me.
...and like 3 comments.
way to be heard readers!
Oh and my twitter is being gay hardcore today.
I post, but nothing shows up.
I hope P.E. got my reply...cause hes the bomb.
and one of the only reasons I go on twitter...
Anyway, what I actually came here to complain/talk about today is my pictures.
No. not my photos that are amazing and soon to be on this site to Ooo and Ahh at,
Im talking the cheesy ones I put in my posts to spice things up.
see those bananas down there on yesterdays post? yeah theyre cute huh.
why the flip is there a box around them?
that looks tacky.
it wasnt there when I previewed the post.
its not there on photobucket.
but its there on the page!
I didnt ask for this!
am I crazy?
am I the only one seeing these annoying stupid boxes around my posted pics?
make them go away and youll make my day.
heres another photo for kicks and giggle while I figure how the hell to get those boxes to vanish.
you can swoon, hes used to it
[how does this lovely face...]
[[that looks REALLY bored. AGAIN! hugs? kiss? just asking...]]
Robert Pattinson
[look like this?! stop that, cause I dont know if I should lol or scream...]
*photos found on photobucket*

talkative tummy

so I was hunting in the kitchen cause my tummy was yelling at me and realized. I have no food. :'[
I talked to Luka about it, and he replied "what do you want me to do? pull a banana out of my ass?"
uhm no. but if you could buy me one that'd be great. loser.
youll be hearing more from him Im sure, hes a riot [not]

anyway, it reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend the other day when my tummy got angry like it usually does around noon when I skip breakfast.
"but kortnii its the most important meal of the day" go slap yourself in the face for me. :]

we will call them: THEM
and we will call me: ME
heres how it went [via msn]

THEM:brb i must stuff my face with edibles to fill my stomach

ME: i wasnt talking.....speed of movment. anyway, eat some cardboard. i mean. its edible in a way... i always wondered...

THEM: okays i am back and what do you wondere


ME: no thats not it. i was wondering what cardboard tasted like

THEM: cardboard [<-SMARTASS]

ME: and if i made a cardboard pizza look realistic enough, could i stomach it? prolly not. but could i convince soemone else to? maybe

THEM: probably tastes like cardboard LOL if you punch a cat is it called [EDITED FOR SICK AND NASTY CONTENT]

ME: er........thats just sick

THEM: legit question O_O lololol jk

ME: anyway. i need it multi-colored so i can make some faux pizza to feed one of my friends :] where do you get cardboard?

THEM: boxes

ME: where do i get them.... cant you like...steal some form the back of the store? but then they are all mashed. hmm. research time!

THEM: moving place storage unit they sell them

ME: i want em fo fwee

THEM: garbage? [<-ew]

ME: i mean, seriously. who buys boxes? no one. unless youre dumb and dont know where the free ones are at. ill ask my dad :]

THEM: around here we have dumpsters used only for carboard

ME: i dont want smelly cant try to eat those..... oh. well. ill ask my dad :] he'll know

and my father DID know. you can get them at the store for free [at most places], but you have to reserve them. like, "oh yes, Id like to reserve some boxes please, whats the special? yes sir 20 will be enough. thanks."....whatever

the point is: I think of really special things sometimes


ps. this is not ok....-> Photobucket
*[creepy]photos found on photobucket*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

copy/paste days

each day I take a new picture
and I think: everything looks exactly the same
I look a month back or more
and I think: who is this girl I see?
every moment Im waiting for a big change in me.
inside and outside
I see nothing.
I feel nothing.
yet something is always different
[chameleon girl: everchanging with her surroundings without knowing/trying?]
Im nothing like I was even a year ago, I hardly recognize myself
who am I?
I take another photograph
who are we?
each time you look into the mirror you see nothing new.
you feel nothing new.
you hear nothing new.
but you are new.
you never think you are changing until you see an old photograph
boy, how time flys & how we grow

*photos found on photobucket*

calm down its just a quickie

as I wave farewell to my old ugly orange sick and nasty blog with a tear [not] I scream HELLO to my new, lovely [& slightly blinding] new layout. loves it!
to bed for me, Im hoping soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

its official

Id like to give a big hive five to me. This is my first post [sort of] on kortnii Scribbles aka me on blogger dot com. cause im da bomb. lets party.

ok now that[the same word twice? it looks wrong]that nonsense is out of the way: how was my day?

well, after I got my franstasical blog up and running after slaving over the interwebs for hours trying to rig something up that looked passable, legible, the works....

I realized this: Its hideous.
what was I thinking? Did I got momentarily blind while picking out this layout? orange? I dont even like orange! who decided this for me? was I asleep? Did someone take over my body thinking "lol this is going to be GREAT!" at the wee hours of the monring?

anyway, the point is: Im re-doing it. end of story.

heres a drool worthy picture I found while you wait for me to un-ugly my blog. *sighs*
[does anyone else think he looks positivly bored? need a hug? poor guy]
*found on photobucket*




so this one time, I foolishly decided to create my own blog page.

designing it will be fun! I said.
It'll be easy! I said.
this won't take more than a few mins! I said.
I want to pull my hair out and get some sleep wtflip was I thinking?!?! I screamed days later...


well here it is, I created [found a site to create one for me] my blog :]


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