Friday, June 19, 2009

she-male aka Cera

So Michael Cera, may I call you Mike? ok cool. So Mike. whats happenin? I pretty much have to see your newest film thats coming out. Year One. yeah. It looks amazing times 12.

But I couldnt help notice that you seem to have gottten the worst make-up crew ever. or best. I cant decide.
You see, you pretty much look like a woman. a very unattractive one at that. And normally Im lusting all over your awkwardness.

what the flip happened?

I guess the moral of the story is: dont piss off make-up crew. seriously.

Im just going to have to post this picture to make up for it....

look at me with my vintage camera looking fetch.
atta' boy...

ANYWAY. since I got that off my chest, I have some GREAT news. SO GREAT that I feel like using RANDOM capitol LETTERS. wtflip...

Since Ive been taking break often on blogging for my more professional writing I came up with an idea: another blog.
I havent decided what its going to be called or exactly whats going to happen within it... BUT I do have some ideas:
1. what Im writing about. how its going, do I have writers block, am I sad that I killed off yet another handsome charactor, etc.
2. Ill put quotes from my current writing.
3. you will have the job of editing and telling me what you think about said quotes.
4. Itll be a party. and you will love it. and I will be the queen of the blogiverse! muhaha


SO thats my idea, what do ya think?

so I made my new blog:
but you can still tell me what you think!


motochick43 said...

I think that I could totally beat you for that title if I wanted it seeing as I wrote like three sentences and got a follower and a comment. ha! That is a pretty sweet picture of Michael Cera though. Kudos on your stalker skills for that one.


Kortnii said...

hush you. it was only shane. it doesnt count.

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