Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RIP paper bag children

I have been Oh so busy with my life right now:

Getting ready for wedding [it took 4 days]
Getting sick
Not Eating
spending time with everyone else EXCEPT my blog friends.

This is not neglect! You are not my child!
if you were, youd be hanging out in a paper bag.

"whos a paper bag child? whos mommy ashamed of? who?"

Anyway, now that Ive had a week to relax my brain, goof off, and do everything that is not on my responsibilities list...
Kortnii is back! yeah baby!

First off I just want to say RIP. Not only to the celebs that have died this past week, but to all people in the world who have died as well. ever. I was sad when I heard the celebs had died, but not for the same reasons as the rest of the human world. I just thought of how many soldiers die and homeless people, kids, elders, friends, teens, moms, dads, people who have been murdered or in an accidents and anyone else I could think of that dont get the same recognition when they pass.
What has the world come to that when someone we dont even know dies, it seems more heartbreaking than the death of our real families? It sickens me. end of story.

On a lighter note, My cousins wedding was beautiful. Everything was fresh and straight out of a fairytale. until it came time for the rings. Yep, the bridesmaid [brides sister] wasnt informed that she was to carry the brides ring to the alter, so there was a sort of whisper friendly intermission when the rings were called to show while she ran to the back room and got it. And yes, the bride was furious, but only for a few mins. We laugh it off now. Or at least I do...

And no, I dont remember how much I had to drink that night, so dont ask.

Ill have photos up from said wedding in a few days [I looked amazing times 12] as well as a few other stories from the wedding Im sure.

Did you notice something missing? yeah, me too. My 2nd Creeptastic Thursday was not posted as I was getting my hair done that night. Ill have a double packed one this thursday I promise. for real this time...

Miss me? of course you did.



Mr. Jackson said...

Hey you, I just made a blog on here, I'm Mr. Jackson. It's Samm from MSN and myspace. I made one and I have added you to my reading list. Talk to you later. Bye.

Kortnii said...

OH!! cool!

samb said...

so, why did you respond three times?

and, i completely agree with you, thousands of ppl die a day, boo hoo. i don't need to watch minute by minute coverage of post michael jackson shizz.

Kortnii said...

yeah. the site goofed up. ha. i didnt realize.

and Im so sick of mj. I was sick of hearing about him BEFORE he died. but by all means, may he rest in peace. im not saying otherwise. but I dont want to hear about it. dead and gone.

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