Thursday, April 9, 2009

copy/paste days

each day I take a new picture
and I think: everything looks exactly the same
I look a month back or more
and I think: who is this girl I see?
every moment Im waiting for a big change in me.
inside and outside
I see nothing.
I feel nothing.
yet something is always different
[chameleon girl: everchanging with her surroundings without knowing/trying?]
Im nothing like I was even a year ago, I hardly recognize myself
who am I?
I take another photograph
who are we?
each time you look into the mirror you see nothing new.
you feel nothing new.
you hear nothing new.
but you are new.
you never think you are changing until you see an old photograph
boy, how time flys & how we grow

*photos found on photobucket*


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