Friday, April 10, 2009

Im seeing things...not ok

So I noticed that I have 140 views on my blogtastic blog here.
yeah cool, go me.
...and like 3 comments.
way to be heard readers!
Oh and my twitter is being gay hardcore today.
I post, but nothing shows up.
I hope P.E. got my reply...cause hes the bomb.
and one of the only reasons I go on twitter...
Anyway, what I actually came here to complain/talk about today is my pictures.
No. not my photos that are amazing and soon to be on this site to Ooo and Ahh at,
Im talking the cheesy ones I put in my posts to spice things up.
see those bananas down there on yesterdays post? yeah theyre cute huh.
why the flip is there a box around them?
that looks tacky.
it wasnt there when I previewed the post.
its not there on photobucket.
but its there on the page!
I didnt ask for this!
am I crazy?
am I the only one seeing these annoying stupid boxes around my posted pics?
make them go away and youll make my day.
heres another photo for kicks and giggle while I figure how the hell to get those boxes to vanish.
you can swoon, hes used to it
[how does this lovely face...]
[[that looks REALLY bored. AGAIN! hugs? kiss? just asking...]]
Robert Pattinson
[look like this?! stop that, cause I dont know if I should lol or scream...]
*photos found on photobucket*


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