Wednesday, April 8, 2009

its official

Id like to give a big hive five to me. This is my first post [sort of] on kortnii Scribbles aka me on blogger dot com. cause im da bomb. lets party.

ok now that[the same word twice? it looks wrong]that nonsense is out of the way: how was my day?

well, after I got my franstasical blog up and running after slaving over the interwebs for hours trying to rig something up that looked passable, legible, the works....

I realized this: Its hideous.
what was I thinking? Did I got momentarily blind while picking out this layout? orange? I dont even like orange! who decided this for me? was I asleep? Did someone take over my body thinking "lol this is going to be GREAT!" at the wee hours of the monring?

anyway, the point is: Im re-doing it. end of story.

heres a drool worthy picture I found while you wait for me to un-ugly my blog. *sighs*
[does anyone else think he looks positivly bored? need a hug? poor guy]
*found on photobucket*



Caitra said...

I say keep the orange, ugly is in

Kortnii said...

no way! it was too ugly. even for me.
im allfor weird and different, this made me want to cry. and we dont want that.

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