Friday, April 10, 2009

dear myspace, WTFLIP?!

so apparently bacon is for lovers and crossdressers need an adventure in love...allow me explain:

there I was checking my myspace [or gayspace if you will] putting out a harmless bulletin to let my peeps know what was on the upness in my life. and what happens to be lurking at the left side of my screen while about to hit post? a simple white background advert with big blue bold letters telling me: "Bacon is For Lovers" and nothing more. no pictures, no weird image of Obama doing the jig, no blinky lights that give seizures. nothing.
is myspace getting mixed signals from my posts? did I make them angry? is this a just a sick joke? I dont know. and did I dare click this and link to the unknown interwebs site? Hell no!
but I did, however hit send on my bulletin and as I scanned through it [checking for mistakes that were not there. flawless!] and yet another bewildering advert of the same font and form hits the right side of my page: "Single Crossdressers looking for Love! come and find your New Adventure!"

is it ok that i lol-ed? cause I did.

and "if a girl wears guy clothes is she [he?] a crossdresser?"
"no, shes a tom-boy"
thanks Luka...

Oh and go to
its the bomb diggity
[more like the bomb wtf-ity]


ps. I know youre imagining crossdressers mouthing bacon together right now. and for that I am sorry.

pss. I am in no way against crossdressers and/or bacon. so hate mail is not needed, but will make me and everyone else lol, so go ahead and send some.

psss. *photos found on photobucket* as always...


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