Monday, April 13, 2009

eyebrows and fingers

So I was uploading a snazzy picture I took on the webcam onto gayspace today. and after it loaded and I ogled at myself once more [we all do it] before leaving I saw something...strange...

I have wooly eyebrows.

caterpillars crawling upon my face.
So what did I do? pluck them?
No. Im far too lazy to do that.

I left them be.
Im kinda growing a liking for them.

whos a cute wittle wooly eyebwow? who? you are! you are!


go ahead, face palm.
I dont mind.
Cause I did.

after talking to myself in the mirror....

Anyway, I was fiddling around with an acoustic guitar and I figured out why it is I never will be a guitarist.
[crys a little]
I have girl hands.
cause playing the guitar with girl hands is hard. cause girls have little fingers. unless a girl has man hands, in which case they are not girl hands, so its not hard. like with my hands, cause they are small and girly. cause Im a girl. and I have girl hands.

OH and my arms are too short for my body height my Dr. said. whatever.


Ps. photo not found on photobucket today. might edit one in later. who knows. im unpredictable. like the weather. only I wont ruin your day. like the weather does. every. freaking. day. end of story.


Caitra said...

he I have woolly eyebrows too but the look so doesn;t work for me. Ryn: they look like they're talking to each other don't they

Kortnii said...

haha. I didnt say they worked for me either :]
Im going green! everyones doing it.
Im going completly natural! in the eyebrow department...for now.

Caitra said...

I'm not I have my fathers eyebrows and they are BIG

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