Friday, May 1, 2009

Dont bury me

IM STILL NOT DEAD YET!!!! [good song]


Ok blog spot dot com, blogger dot com, google run blog thingy, whatever, here I am. I know, I know, my absence has brought a virtual [and actual] tear to your blog eyes, but I am back! with more to tell than ever before.

So the main two reasons I was away, [I know youre itching to know] are as followed:

end of story. for now.


The laptop I use had run out of its free trial usage of Mcafee virus protection crap so I didnt dare go online while un-protceted. and was too lazy to download any other software myself in my spare time. sorry for being cheap. whatever

Anyway, do you also wonder how many times I actually say anyway? well alot. end of story. Anyway... what was I up to while I have been away for so long?

1. Trying to get a job. yeah, can we say unsuccesful? its tiresome. Though I may just go to work full time for my photographer friend, but she kills my brain cells with her drama. love her to death! but shes killing me.

2. Training my horse. No Im not a southern kind of girl, I dont even wear cowgirl boots until Im on said horse. I shower, brush my teeth, Im not attracted to my cousins, But I do have a horse named Cookie [youll hear more about her Im sure] and I have been training her myself these days. My Aunt normally does... but she cant seem to fit us into her scedule very often and even when she does get a chance to ride/train my Cookie, the horse wants nothing to do with her. she loves me more, naturally.

3. Trying to move into my own apartment. Which is looking great! and Ill be living as close to my horse as I could possibly get. can you spell excited? E-X-C-I-T-E-D. good job! you can have a cookie later.

4. Ive been kidnapped! I always love to see my close friends as much as possible, but never seem to have the time. so they make time for me! bunch of brats come to my home and take me places on a regular basis it seems. Im not complaing.

5. Ive been writing. yes, as most of you Dont know, I am an aspiring author. novels, hort stories, poems, songs, the works. Ive been way too inspired these days not to take the time to work on my material and turn dreams to ideas, ideas to paper, paper to stories, etc. its been magical.

6. I went to a bridal shower, yeah. tell me about it. you cant? well Ill have to tell you THAT horrific story of a weekend next post.

7. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST [drum rolls] I DYED MY HAIR PURPLE!! yeah, I know, youre jealous.
no, its not my whole head, its just under my bangs/fringe/whatever.
yes I love it.
No you cant copy me by doing a different color.
Yes Im sure.
No its not a compliment to me if you do.
and yes Its beautiful, ogle below.

no, it does NOT have green on top! the green from my room walls reflected off the shiny-ness of my tresses. so hush you.

Id give the grand details to more of my outings lately, but Ill let your mind rest for now.


p.s. dont cry, I promise Ill return this time.


julochka said...

love the purple hair

and your horse's halter silver halter is cute.

i think you're right about milton's tail carriage being arab-related. that doesn't help. i grew up with paints and quarter horses, we just didn't do arabs. :-)

Kortnii said...

haha! nice. My horse Cookie is a Quarter horse. i have her in an arab barn, i dont do arabs either :P too...flighty. haha

thank you on the hair comment, I might keep it but now everyone is going the 'youre emo now' route. so who knows.

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