Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gettin' Confessional

I like Twilight.
ps. if youre a boy, this post might not be for you. end of story. move along. shoo shoo. but! if it is for you, I love you long time.

go ahead, call your names, for I would have done the same a few months ago. I, too, was a Twi-hater. well you know what bloggers? dont be hatein'.

Twilight is a beautiful book [for girls] I read A LOT. So I think I know what Im talkin about. Ive even had a few guy friends closet read it and eventually [some when drinking] come out and say that it was good.

so now what haters? what? youre a bit more willing to give it a try? yeah, thats what I thought.

So anyway, Im not a "twilighter".
Im not one of those pre-teens [and some adult...*shudders*] you see running about with their twilight books held to their twilight tshirts heart like bibles and talking about Edward Cullen like hes my boyfriend that you want to ring by their ponytails. yeah, they kill me too.
Im not "obssesed" by any means other than I liked the books and I enjoy talking about them with other bloggers from time to time. end of discussion.

story of my [twilight] life:
When my great friend Alli had told me about the book Twilight in class one day I went, "uhm, romance novel...about a teenager vampire in love with a human? yeah, no thanks...sounds....stupid." yes, I pause and do a dot dot dot in real life. end of story. and yes she begged me to read them, knowing my vampire obsession since birth.

this, my blogger friends, is the one of the only times Ive ever been wrong. *cough*

A few months later
, I was dragged kicking and screaming to the midnight screening of Twilight by a handful of friends. Alli the ring leader. I saw the film. It was cute. the main charactor is a babe. whatever.

So! after watching and somehow liking the movie, I was willing to give the books a go. and guess what? I now think the film is a disgrace to the novels. period. the way the film was scripted and shot is an insult to me. Its beautiful, dont get me wrong, but there is so much more to these books they could have done! dont even get me started. unless you really want to really really like REALLY know. cause once I start baby, I never stop.

ANYfreakingWAY, long story, I know. But I was thinking before I have my Creeptastic Thursdays, I might telly you WHY I am posting up photos of Robert Pattinson so much. Cause I think hes a "hottie with a body", if you will, and I love it when I come across a sick and nasty picture of him. it makes me kick and giggle. and it shows me that, he as well as I, is only human and can look like a goon too. end of story.

and since Im about to make you lol long time and cringe tomorrow, Ill show you some yummylicious photos I found here
today is the day of a new found holiday known as:
Shirtless Rob Day.

I know what Im asking for christmas....*cough* replace the skank *cough* :]
and why is there a bald head blocking my view?
"uhm, please obviously middle-aged sir, move it or lose seriously."
Yeah...end of story.

dont drool too much, you wont want the clean to carpet. believe me...


Ps. If you must ask, the dots on his face and so on are for adding in the famous Edward Sparkles later on in the editing room. so hush you, he is NOT covered in moles. that would be sick.

Pss. Aunt. Read the flipping post already. click this: A True Love Story


Sam said...


Kortnii said...

what the heck does that mean? whatevss...

Meghan O said...

Twilight is pretty great!!

And I'm soo going to celebrate Shirtless Rob Day from now on.

Kortnii said...

Glad to hear it :]
I pretty much celebrate it every day...

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