Saturday, May 2, 2009

is it really 3am?

as of this sentance, it is 3:30am.

or is my clock lying to me?

Im hoping its all lies

and that I didnt spend another night come morning

waiting for your call
for your voice to cure my fall

waiting to be heard
for you to learn

that I love you

is it really 3am?

or is this just another nightmare?


Ps. This isnt meant to be a gooey post directed towards anyone, it just came to me while I was sitting in my living room next to my best friend sleeping on the couch after we watched a movie. Or is it? youll never know.


Ammy said...

Awwh.. This is sadd, but it's cutee. And that pic is amazingg. You're so pretty.

Kortnii said...

aweh thank you. yeah, i was feeling....weird last night/morning....

barbara:heART said...

yea..333 am..thats always what im thinking....*sighhhhh

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