Friday, May 29, 2009

I less than three you Sam

Are you sad I missed Creeptastic Thursdays FIRST EVER day?
yeah me too.

Are you lol-ing about the picture to the right?
yeah me too. thank lauren for that.

Are you mad that I dont have much to say in this post today?
yeah me too.

Are you wondering who the hell this bitch-ass Sam person is that left me a comment on my last post strictly saying "whatever" as a comment?
yeah me too.

Well [mr? ms?] "Sam", if you do return, I have only this to say to you: thank you for commenting on my blog with your snarkyness. you pretty much made my night. hells to the yes you did. I dont even care that you were a jag and just said "whatever" so long as you were here, and left a mark. I lol-ed long time. I heart you big time Sam. who ever you may be.

I dont care what youre saying, so long as its about me. its the truth. cause remember what I said ages ago? I dont care what people say. and hate mail only makes me lol, so honestly, keep it coming. I love to laugh and it only makes you look ignorant. pretty much a double win.



Caitra said...


Kortnii said...

hush you, I know you love me :] your whatevers are like spring rain to my ears. or something cliche like that.

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