Monday, May 18, 2009

long time no laughs

I sat down at the computer here, going over my last few posts. Spell checking, flawless I know, as well as looking for new comments [there were none of those either] and all I could conjure up to say was,

"Sooo... that was rather depressing."

Yep, it kind of was. And I was ALMOST about to delete the last post but I decided to hell with hiding it. its who I am and all that mushy gushy stuff we all spill out. No excuses, my gatorade bottle spells out at me. Ive none.
Phases of darkness is over, Im fine now.
Im fine.
Its ok.

the real question here is: are you fine?

How are you, dearest reader mine? You havent been very chatty these days/posts [or ever] and I was just wondering if you were ok. a girl can wonder cant she? well I do. end of story.

Anyway, The kicks and giggle fits will have to end here for tonight. I know, I know, Im lame, boring, lazy, and whatever other rude names you can come up with too. I embrace them, it s'all good.

I have a good story to tell tomorrow anyhow. so the drum roll isnt needed, as youll be playing a long time. my pillows are calling me!


Ps. aunt, read A True Love Story. its a post about 5 psots down from this one. yeah, Im still on about you. Im about to post your silly "I cant open my eyes" photos. you know I have a few. dont make me do it!

Pss. No pictures! I know Im even so lame I dont have any of those to give tonight. deal with it.


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