Sunday, May 3, 2009

A true love story

Since the Kentucky Derby was just on, as well as the Jumper Classic, I have found the time to sit down and tell my own horse story:

The smell of fresh cut grass, hay, muddy leather boots, and two breeds of sweat swirls under my nose. My steed presses onward, to the trail we go. The sky is open, only but a few wisps of clouds are seen. The tree tops are bleeding with baby green leaves, winter is finally over. We embrace the Spring air, my horse and me.

I dont look like a cowgirl, but my heart is always itching for the ride. So what if Im a classic "indie girl" who keeps her hair tidy, her clothes clean, and loves herself a concert beneath the city rapture. So what if Im an aspiring author, so what if im an aspiring actress, so what. No one says you cant do everything and anything you heart desires, its always the other way is it not?

Well Hello, My name is Kortnii, I love horses, music, acting, drawing, writing, reading, and a whole lot of sillyness. its a pleasure to finally meet you.

I got into horses the moment I knew what one was. My Aunt, who is basically my mother to me, had pushed the idea ever so slightly onto me when I was younger than 2. she has two boys, and naturally they wanteed nothing to do with the ponies and were all about the motocycles their father loved. So, it was up to me to be her partner in the world that is horses.

So it started with the occasional leading around the arena when I was only a little sprout. Gifts were always horse related, of course, and I wouldnt complain. I loved horses. But it wasnt really until I was about 13 that I really started getting into riding.

Down the road from my aunts house, somewhere I was rarely away from growing up, was where my Aunt got to keep her new horse. I was in love with him. terrfied of him, but in love the same. but I did not ride him.
No no, he was still in training by Aunt, shes been doing this for years upon years. no. I rode a horse I came to know already, from the old barn I was lead around about as a child. His name was Stevie, the people, family friends at the time, had bought him. long story short, he was there, and was the horse I rode.

He wasnt comfortable, his knees falling about in awkward places, crooked legs, but had a good mind. Enough spunk to have fun on, but enough calm and cool to keep me safe. Stevie, the horse that started it all really. And then I moved onto my first show horse.

Boy was that scary. Finally over being green, My aunts horse Hootie, yes, Hootie was my first show steed. full name Whos My Daddy, for obvious reasons: breeders didnt know who the dad was. Anyway, he was full of himself. My aunt didnt even really want me on him half the time. but I rode proudly.

My first show, the aunt stood shaking with fear and excitment, I, too young to know better, rode Hootie and took two ribbons of 5th place out of 9. I was high with a smile a mile long.

Eventually, worse came to become the worst, Hootie was sold. Too much of a horse for us to show safely. Sorrow filled our eyes, but he was in good hands. I will never regret leaving him though, because one of the most important figures in my life came to me soon after the tears had dried upon my cheeks.

An 18 month old, Dun, Quarter horse filly stood anxiously and unknowingly waiting for our arrival in the make-shift, but nicely finshed, two stall barn/garage somewhere deep into the middle of Wisconsin. Scrapping her freshly polished hooves into the dirt, her ears cocked slighty at the sight of our car pulling into veiw. I took another glance and whispered "Thats her, thats my horse" to myself, but of course my Aunt heard. Cooke Cty Cookie was mine.

We split the cost, Aunt and I, she was $2500 of beauty in my eyes as I lead her into the trailer days after our first meet and greet. I was already bubbling with love, affection, worry, and future expectations of the pair of us in the show ring. We got her home, safe and sound of course, and the two of us, Cookie and I, went into training right away. And I loved every minute of it.

Another show under my belt, but this was Cookies first, came. She was weeks away from turning two, staggering drunk-like across the arena. We come to a halt, both of us shaking with nervousness, but our team work paid off. We won every class we walked into, at halter, and came out Grand Champions at our first show together. A show Ill never forget.

I now playfully toss her old halter onto my bed post once more, the worn purple and gold thing was all she came with, so much smaller than the one she wears today. Ill never forget the day my Cookie and I met.

Shes saved my soul in more ways than can be explained. Shes the reason I get up in the morning at times, the reason I still have dreams. She keeps me sane, even when shes driving me up a wall with her sillyness. I love her more than anything in the world, and thats the honest truth. No one could seperate us, no amount of money, no boy, no amount of stress; nothing.

Cooke Cty Cookie and I were meant to be partners in the horse world. Forever, or for as long as we both shall live.


Ps. Sure, I can be funny, sarcastic, and sometimes just rather rediculous, but the horse part of my life I dont joke around about as much. Its who I am, and who I always will be. Silly Kortnii will be back next post, for those of you who missed her.


Caitra said...

I prefer non silly kortnii, she has something to say :)

kle said...

This was a good side to you also :)

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