Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Motospoon: brainless

My first [and prolly last] motocross post:

yeah, these people are nuts. and I live amoung them.

So my sister, we call her J [long story], she races motocross.

Oh and if youre a guy, this is the time where you go, "wow really? thats hot, is she hot? or is she one of those butch girls, cause thats not hot. shes hot right?"
and this is also the point in time where I smack you in the face.
end of story.

Anyway, I myself am way too scared aware of how dangerous it is to do the motocross thing.

"But Kortnii! Horses are dangerous too!"

I know, I know, horses are dangerous too, but for some odd reason I dont feel threatened by horses nearly as much as I do by motorbikes.
so hush up.

Of all the years shes been racing, oh yeah shes good too, I never really got interested in the theory of it all. and I also never want to see a fellow racer, friend, family member[yeah there are more people I know who do this moto thing], whatever it may be, get physically destroyed on the race track.
Or worse, killed.
it happens.
And I dont want to witness it.

So while I was at home again this weekend, chewing my nails to bits and pieces thinking my sister is in bits and pieces, I got to thinking. . .

If there is one thing to be learned about motocross, or any extreme sport really, its this: When youre willing to crash, youre ready to win.

I am a thinker. yes, truly I am. I over think everything. But for my horse riding, thats actually a good thing. as there are many many many upon many things to be thinking about while upon a horses back.

with motocItalicross, its the exact opposite.

youre only going to allow yourself to be thinking of one thing, J told me, and that is the track. "getting through the next obstacle," as she put it. not the speed, the height, the people around you, not how scared you really are in the back of your mind.
you turn your brain off.
Only the brainless can ride motocross and have a chance to win.
end of story.


Ps. Yes those amazing photos are of J, my sister.

Pss. Aunt, if you are reading this, the post called "A True Love Story" is the one that I wanted YOU to read. I put off posting a new blog so my "the latest post is the one you want to read" in the email stayed true. sorry! I am impatient. you know this.


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