Saturday, May 23, 2009

What The Manatee?

So much to tell, so little....ok Ive got plenty of time.

So blogger dot com peeps, whats on the upside? yeah, I can be lame too.

Anyway! When I was on my way to an amazingly small and crusty venue known as Swing State with J to see frantastical music played, I decided [with help from J] that I will now dedicate every thursday to my findings of creeptastical pics of a certain boy you all lust over these days. As well as whatever other celeb/singer/randomer I find that day.

Thursday Blogs are now so graciously named: Creeptastic Thursday.

cause everyone knows thursdays are the best days.

Monday= bad hair day
Tuesday= laundry day
Wednesday= Im never home day
Thursday= Best day of the week day
Friday= I never have time for anything day
Saturday&Sunday= Everyone else is busy Day(s)

So it obviously had to be thrusday. obviously.

And a side dish to my lovely blog: this just happened... at 6:19pm while Im writing this blog. My friend [we will name him later in my blog lifetime] just asked me...after I brought the subject up...what a manatee was. he. has. no. idea. end of story. *facepalms*

Anyway...As you Bloggers kind of should know already. I have a cat. named Jimmy. aka B. whatever. the point is, I have a story I wrote down in my journal a few days ago to share. Its something Jimmy and I had experienced together when I was looking out my front door and feeling insignificant the other morning.

oh and yes. thats him ->


"As I held Jimmy in the doorway, letting him take in the fresh air, he looked at me. His green eyes wide and questioning, I answered "Yeah I know, its a big world out there B." he looked out once more and hiccuped."

It was sort of like a gulp of fear hiccup. I wanted to cry. Its as if he knew and was feeling the same exact thing I was. sort of a surreal moment with a cat if you ask me.


Ps. No Im not some sad lonely spinster with a zillion and 1 cats. I have one cat named Jimmy who I have interesting moments with. end of story.

Pss. Manatee found at

Psss. Aunt. I am resending that invite to read my post A True Love Story. cause youre lame and wont read it like you said. *pouts*

Pssss. yes I edited this like. 4 times. I actually had typos this time. like. bad ones. yeah.


julochka said...

i edit endlessly too. every post. at least once. sometimes more.

Kortnii said...

Im horrible about it. but its not like Im changing what I wrote...only making it legible :]

gotta love a soldier said...

this is not at all related to you blog lol,, but photobucket is where i get all my photos- they have new "categories" up and some of the pics are amazing.

you wanna be my follower? lol

Kortnii said...

follower on blogger or photobucket? haha.

I have a photobucket account already. they dont always have what I want. but i do love it there.

the END said...

Creeptastic Thursdays turned my eyes into stars out of awesomeness.

And your cat is adorable.

Wendy said...

Cute cat, awesome manatee. How can you not totally be in love with a big, fat sea cow??

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